Thanks for your interest in the Shakespeare Bookstore Affiliate Program!

Welcome to the shakespearebookstore affiliate program! As an affiliate you can easily earn money by sending traffic to our site, all while supporting our mission of bringing English literacy all around Algeria. Becoming an affiliate is free and easy! Learn more below.


  • Free to join – it won’t cost you a thing!
  • 5-8% commission on all orders.
  • Affiliates drive relevant internet traffic to through special links that track sales. These links have already been created for you and they are easy to get once you join the program.
  • Monthly payments ( minimum payment amount is 2000 DZD)
  • you will be payed by [email protected] postal service

What is [email protected] :

[email protected] is a new payement service proposed by Algeria Poste, simple, instantanious and secure. you’ll receive your money using your phone number, and no CCP account is required.

How to Withdraw the amount recieved ?

  • Go to the nearest Post Office with you ID card
  • Show them the secret code and the warrant number that you received by SMS
  • Withdraw the amount

NB: if you don’t withdraw the amount within 30 days, the money will be refunded to us